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Promoly is an easy-to-use, affordable, and effective tool for promoting your music, podcast, and audio content.

Vem använder Promoly?

Creative Businesses that produce podcasts, audio and music and need to get more exposure for them.

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Grundades 2014

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Promoly Detaljer

Grundades 2014

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Michael K.
Michael K.
Label Manager i Storbritannien
Verifierad LinkedIn-användare
Musik, 2-10 anställda
Har använt programvaran för: 1 + år
Recensentens källa

Best promo service around

5 för 10 månader sedan

Kommentarer: I've been with them for years and never had any major issues. When I have had issues, I've just emailed them on their support and they fixed the issue immediately.


Absolutely love the ease of use, it's easy and simple to setup.


Some extra options to customise the emails would be nice

Tom G.
Music producer, Composer , Author , Remixer , Label Owner i Storbritannien
Musik, Egenföretagare
Har använt programvaran för: 1 + år
Recensentens källa

Great !

4 för 12 månader sedan

Kommentarer: Very good overall until bugs been fixed


Very efficient, very friendly people , very useful


-Impossible in certain positions to individuate / remove / change people IN groups -Audio downloads diseappeared many times due to system bugs putting my customers in rage and my credibility in balance ( very painful )

Svar för

för 12 månader sedan

Hey Tom, thanks for the review! I wanted to let you know all audio upload bugs are fixed. Sorry for the stress caused! Also, we're building some better filtering, which will make it easier for you to remove people from email lists.

Max S.
Label Manager i Storbritannien
Musik, 2-10 anställda
Har använt programvaran för: 6-12 månader
Recensentens källa

An Okay Alternative to Label Engine (But, with time, will be just as good)

3 för 12 månader sedan

Kommentarer: Overall, I had a very positive but often frustrating time with (both as a software and the team who run it). I think it offers a great alternative to Label Engine in terms of its cost and user interface, but it certainly has a long way to go before I would recognise it as a serious competitor to LE. The team I spoke to for support were incredibly helpful and very responsive. At the time of using, there were a number of problems I encountered which, with the help and speedy replies of the team, were either resolved soon after the initial conversations or were on the list of things to update. It seems the team behind are really passionate about their product and offer a much more personal touch than, say, Label Engine. As much as my feedback may be perceived as negative, I would certainly recommend it to a friend or colleague. I can see a lot of potential for it in the future.


The cost was definitely something I liked. It's a good software with a good price point. Each update seemed to make the cost more impressive, but, alas, updates and few and far between. The software's interface, although often buggy, was easy to use and allowed for a somewhat visually appealing product.


The software, for what the service is (a promotions software), is very buggy. When I joined, the internal clock of the software was wrong and often lead to my promo's being sent out at the wrong time. Uploading tracks to the software regularly resulted in the software crashing. More generally, I feel like the accessibility of the interface was overshadowed by the buggy software. Even at the relatively low price point that is offering, the problems I encountered at the time of using sometimes made it not worth it.

Harrison D.
Record Label Co-Owner i Storbritannien
Musik, 2-10 anställda
Har använt programvaran för: 6-12 månader
Recensentens källa

Can't fault promoly

5 för 12 månader sedan

Kommentarer: Amazing support, fantastic softwaree, would definitely recommend to other similar businesses if they weren't already using it.


All the features on are easy to use and their customer service has been on point whenever we've needed to contact them. This website is such a useful tool for our business, allowing us to interact with a select audience of artists that we choose to send our pre-release music too. Really can't fault this fantastic service.


Nothing I can really mention, there used to be a few issues with dates etc but those got fixed in a recent update a couple of months ago, since then we've had no issues.

Svar för

för 12 månader sedan

Thanks, Harrison! We listen to our customers and adapt where needed :)

Tedri L.
Label manager i Albanien
Underhållning, 2-10 anställda
Har använt programvaran för: 1 + år
Recensentens källa

The page security

4 för 12 månader sedan

Kommentarer: Decently good at beginning


Overall has decent options. I used it before when there was a free option that you send promo to few email. I was planing in near future to consider it being main promo tool for my label.


Page security, the connection is not encrypted to a ssl level. Google chrome users find this site flagged as fishing page and most email promo could not be open. Also other antivirus browser protection flagg it too. I dont have much information on other browsers , because users on my mailing list use chrome. This problem is seriously and a deal breaker for me.

Svar för

för 12 månader sedan

Hey Tedri, Thanks for the review. All Promoly domains are encrypted with SSL, and everything is secure from a customer point of use. I apologize if something wasn't quite right when you were using Promoly. I don't remember you reaching out and telling us about the problem though. Could you head to and message us on the chat so I can take further details? Best, Pete