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Simphony POS

Simphony POS

Vad är Simphony POS?

Oracle Simphony POS är utvecklat för ambitiösa restauranger. Vårt molnbaserade POS-system kopplar samman alla delar av din verksamhet så att du enkelt kan hantera onlinebeställningar, köksdrift, lager, menyer, leverans, lojalitetsprogram med mera. Realtidsanalyser ingår så att du alltid har koll på försäljningen, kostnader och personalens prestationer. Simphonys öppna API och omfattande marknadsplats i molnet ger dig obegränsad flexibilitet, smidighet och skalbarhet.

Vem använder Simphony POS?

Oracle Simphony POS är en specialutvecklad plattform för restauranghantering för mat- och dryckesverksamheter av alla möjliga storlekar, från oberoende restauranger till stora företag.

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Technology Operations Manager i Australien
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Turistföretag, 501‒1 000 anställda
Har använt programvaran för: 2 + år
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Simphony Review - Minor DKL Food Group

5,0 för 4 år sedan

Kommentarer: Overall the software is a decent POS software, the customisation ability is a good fit for our business with the ability to fluidly adjust our products and menu to maneuver our business into strong customer sentiment positions. Earlier versions were prone to bugs, however the later versions appear more streamlined and database resource utilisation is lighter than it used to be. Once knowledge base is established and internal support personnel skills are enhanced the support of the software is quite easy.


The software once configured and implemented is easy to use, it's heavily customisable, allowing the ability to adapt for changes within the business and products. The ability to update the software from the enterprise level out to all Properties\Workstations, is a convenient ability to have when managing a fleet of stores and POS terminals It ties into its own reporting system and the MyMicros App makes store sales checking a breeze


The software and the back end design is very complex, it takes a lot of training with skilled trainers in the Oracle business to build and maintain those skill sets. Cost can be quite expensive when starting out, when there is a sufficient retail footprint the pricing can be negotiated to competitive rates

Project Co Ordinator i Australien
Turistföretag, 201‒500 anställda
Har använt programvaran för: 2 + år
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Oracle = A great global partner

4,0 för 4 år sedan

Kommentarer: I have been happy with our experience with Simphony. They provide a great product


One stop shop. POS, purchasing and reporting. The software has great capabilities and covers all areas a hospitality business requires


Most adjustments to the program involve an additional purchase. Immediate support not often available

General Manager i USA
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Restauranger, 201‒500 anställda
Har använt programvaran för: 1 + år
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Källa: GetApp

Worst POS experience in my tenured career

1,0 för 10 månader sedan

Kommentarer: Terrible. The support team is a joke. They don't even understand their own product well enough to work through simple problems. Everything is "a known issue" that never works toward resolution.


There is nothing that I can highlight that a competitor couldn't also do well.


There has not been a resolution on outstanding tickets opened two years ago during the initial implementation. Simple things like time reporting, creating buttons, and marking items as "unavailable" have issues. The system has a lag when servers log out of checks that prevents them from opening the checks on another terminal without a wait that feels like an eternity in the restaurant industry and with direct impact to the guest. Good luck calling support. Most of my experience involves the person I spoke with having no idea how to fix my issue and having to "escalate the ticket." This escalation process will last weeks, months, and in our case, years with no resolution.

Operations Director i Australien
Restauranger, 501‒1 000 anställda
Har använt programvaran för: 2 + år
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5,0 för 4 år sedan

Kommentarer: effort put in on setting it up - worth it - architecture is good & functional. Never really had any down time - if internet down - all printers & KDS still work on the LAN. Have a good account manager too which helps!


Moved into teh cloud from Res to Simphony - was a great move for us - less spend on hardware, updates through icences /subscription to services. We integrate a lot through simphony with accounts, loyalty, takeaway/delievry platform, Gift certificates. Has great inventory mgt capabilities with theoreticals. We manage the one database across different concepts and countries pretty easily. Integretaed with payroll, Open table, Windcave - Tablets for servers. Real time updates pretty much on phone app. Kiosks integrated. It all works!


Sometimes support a little clunky, but we get there in the end.

Hotel / Restaurant Owner i USA
Turistföretag, 51‒200 anställda
Har använt programvaran för: 1 + år
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Run Away. Do not look back

4,0 för 3 år sedan

Kommentarer: Completely horrible. This company has got to be the WORST company to deal with, I can't imagine a worse roll out. Oracle did not honor the date they committed to having us up and running so we were forced to opened our location without a POS system (recipe for disaster). They sent a drunk programer to our location that was incompetent, followed by other programmers that always left us with varying issues that consumed hundreds of hours to resolve with customer support from India and other parts of the world that takes hours to get an actual live person. Their account representatives do not respective you as a client with valid concerns, nor do they accept accountability and will continue to charge you to fix their own companies screw ups. This POS is far too expensive, compared to others. My employees hate the system and it takes too long for them to navigate through it, costing them time in providing good customer service. SAVE YOURSELF THE PAIN AND STAY AWAY. I greatly regret not having chosen a different company and system.


The reporting software is pretty thorough


The complexity and backward nature it was set up, with an inability to modify it without great expense. Everything not completed on original set up will cost thousands of dollars to correct by an oracle programmer.