Vad är Acuity Scheduling?

Träffa den personliga assistenten för ditt schema (fast ännu bättre) som arbetar 24/7 bakom kulisserna för att fylla din kalender och ordna saker så att du slipper. Så fort en kund har bokat en tid skickar Acuity automatiskt specialanpassade bokningsbekräftelser med ditt namn, skickar SMS-påminnelser, låter kunder boka om sin egen tid och hanterar betalningar så att din dagliga verksamhet blir smidigare även när du får mer kunder. Det enda du måste ordna på egen hand är att inte komma för sent.

Vem använder Acuity Scheduling?

Fitnessföretag i alla storlekar som erbjuder lektioner och privata sessioner

Var kan Acuity Scheduling användas?

Moln, SaaS, webb-baserat, Android (mobil), iPhone (mobil), iPad (mobil)

Om leverantören

  • Squarespace
  • Grundades 2007
  • Chatt

Tillgängliga länder

Afghanistan, Albanien, Algeriet, Amerikanska Jungfruöarna, Amerikanska Samoa och 225 andra



Prissättning av Acuity Scheduling


15,00 US$/månad
  • Erbjuder en gratis provperiod
  • Ingen gratisversion

Acuity Scheduling har ingen gratisversion men erbjuder en gratis testversion. Acuity Schedulingbetald version börjar på 15,00 US$/månad.

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Om leverantören

  • Squarespace
  • Grundades 2007
  • Chatt

Tillgängliga länder

Afghanistan, Albanien, Algeriet, Amerikanska Jungfruöarna, Amerikanska Samoa och 225 andra



Acuity Scheduling videor och bilder

Acuity Scheduling Programvara- 1
Acuity Scheduling Programvara- 2
Acuity Scheduling Programvara- 3
Acuity Scheduling Programvara- 4
Acuity Scheduling Programvara- 5
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Acuity Scheduling-video
Acuity Scheduling Programvara- 1
Acuity Scheduling Programvara- 2
Acuity Scheduling Programvara- 3
Acuity Scheduling Programvara- 4
Acuity Scheduling Programvara- 5

Funktioner i Acuity Scheduling

  • Anpassningsbar branding
  • Anpassningsbara formulär
  • Automatiserad schemaläggning
  • Bekräftelse / påminnelser
  • Betalbearbetning
  • Bokningsanteckningar
  • CRM
  • E-postpåminnelser
  • Eventhantering
  • Fakturering
  • Fitness plan
  • Flera platser
  • Flera typer av besök
  • Formulärhantering
  • För revisorer
  • För salonger och spa
  • För yoga- och pilatesstudior
  • Gruppreservation
  • HIPAA-kompatibel
  • Integration av sociala medier
  • Kalender / Påminnelsessystem
  • Kalenderhantering
  • Kalendersynkronisering
  • Klasshantering
  • Klassplanering
  • Klientdatabas
  • Klientportal
  • Kontaktdatabas
  • Kunddatabas
  • Kundhantering
  • Kundprofiler
  • Lagerhantering
  • Läkarehantering
  • Medlemskapsledning
  • Mobilappar
  • Mobilåtkomst
  • Möteshantering
  • Närvarospårning
  • Omplanering
  • Online betalning
  • Online bokning
  • Online registrering
  • Online schemaläggning
  • Patientintag
  • Praktikhantering
  • Presentkorthantering
  • Påminnelser
  • Rapportering och analys
  • Rapportering och statistik
  • Redovisningsintegration
  • SMS-meddelanden
  • SMS-påminnelser
  • SOAP-anteckningar
  • Schemaläggning
  • Schemaläggning av möten
  • Schemaläggning i realtid
  • Spårning av framsteg
  • Studenthantering
  • Tillgänglighetshantering
  • Tredjepartsintegration
  • Uppdateringar i realtid
  • Varningar / Meddelanden
  • Virtuella möten
  • Webbplatsintegration
  • Återkommande möten

Acuity Scheduling Hitta alternativ 2021 - Capterra Sverige

Använd Vagaros programvara för salong, SPA och träning för att få bokningar, behandla betalningar, skicka påminnelser och marknadsföra ditt företag. Från 25 USD/månad.
Were here to streamline the small stuff, so you can focus on running your business and not the other way around.
SaaS solution with recurring appointments, photo gallery, daily reporting, and CRM functionality for barbers and beautitians.
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Scheduling solution that helps businesses create shareable calendars with scheduled events or meetings and conference room details.
Tools for the modern professional: proposals, contracts, payments, and more. Try 7 days free when you're ready.

Recensioner av Acuity Scheduling


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Recensioner efter företagsstorlek (antal anställda)

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  • 51-200
  • 201-1 000
  • >1 001

Hitta recensioner efter betyg

Paola M.
Paola M.
Freelance writer and translator i Italien
Verifierad LinkedIn-användare
Publicering, Egenföretagare
Har använt programvaran för: 2 + år
Recensentens källa

Who's in need for an extraordinary, do it all, scheduler?

5 för 3 veckor sedan Nytt

Kommentarer: What a helping hand! I never know in advance when a job is coming by, how much time I have to finish it, and this is a great reminder because I can set the difference stages I need to complete it and be reminded how many times I want. I can also schedule an online meeting with the client, customize my email according to the type of job I have accepted... and have it all in one app.


Well, as I said, I use this software for limited purposes, but I find it really adaptable to anyone's needs. I also like the price, 6 € a month, which is absolutely fine for my necessities.


I think that a free version with limited options but also with all the features I need for my one person job, even with ads, would certainly be preferred, even if my monthly fee is very contained. I would also like it to be simpler to set up or, even better, I'd love that it would settle up automatically after me choosing the options.

Jennily S.
Nail Technician i USA
Kosmetika, Egenföretagare
Har använt programvaran för: 1 + år
Recensentens källa

Great software to use especially for new businesses

5 förra månaden Nytt

Kommentarer: My overall experience with Acuity has been nothing short of amazing. The software is easy to use. I still can’t find anything better then Acuity to handle my appointments.


Acuity has many many features that I enjoy using. My booking site can be customized the way I like which opens me up to being creative, the layout is not confusing to my clients, everything is clear to understand, adding services and add-ons are a breeze, I love the coupon code feature that they offer, I use it all the time.


The only thing I would like acuity to update is allowing my client to book two services at once on the same day. It’s a bit of a hassle having to creat add-ons for services that are already listed. Other then that it’s great.

Övervägda alternativ: Squarespace

Anledningar att välja Acuity Scheduling: Acuity offered better options and is much easier to navigate.

Tidigare programvara: Timely

Anledningar att byta till Acuity Scheduling: Acuity offered the best features at a great price for my business.

Verifierad recensent
Owner i USA
Verifierad LinkedIn-användare
Fotografi, Egenföretagare
Har använt programvaran för: 6-12 månader
Recensentens källa
Källa: GetApp

Not intuitive or easily customizable

3 förra månaden Nytt

Kommentarer: Poor.


That it enables clients to book directly from my website


Not intuitive No helpdesk support Inability to customize scheduling instructions for different appointment types Doesn't always sync with MS Outlook and completely omits full days booked out on MS. This has led to a booking when I was on vacation even though I had blocked out the entire week, which resulted in a client showing up for an appointment when I was out of town and without access to the internet.

Nitin S.
Nitin S.
Senior Graphics Designer i Indien
Verifierad LinkedIn-användare
Informationsteknologi och tjänster, 5 001-10 000 anställda
Har använt programvaran för: 6-12 månader
Recensentens källa

Basic cloud based appointment scheduling app

4 för 2 månader sedan

Kommentarer: I am not in love of this app but it definitely worth trying as it has features that will help for scheduling and get reminders of payments at low price but not lowest.


I loved the ease of use and integration with goigle calender that helps me sync my Google appointments with Acuity scheduling app. Secondly, I can book and send branded reminders to my co workers and clients. Lastly, its most useful feature that I use specially for clients who forget to pay on time. Its payment acceptance feature that enable me to accept payment from stripe and paypal.


Need to learn css to customize the branding for appointments Searching for previous appointments is cumbersome and exhaust lots of time to figuring out.

Övervägda alternativ: Wix och Housecall Pro

Anledningar att välja Acuity Scheduling: Calendly made me switch as it not much organised in terms of multiple appointments scheduled between a small time intervals. Even I couldn't add my vranding to appointment mails in calendly.

Tidigare programvara: Calendly

Anledningar att byta till Acuity Scheduling: Custimizing appointment as per yoyr branding is only thing that made me choose Acuity over other alternatives and also low pricing.

Meg M.
Meg M.
Co-owner i USA
Verifierad LinkedIn-användare
Design, 2-10 anställda
Har använt programvaran för: 2 + år
Recensentens källa

Acuity Scheduling has Changed Our Sales Process for the Better

5 för 2 månader sedan

Kommentarer: My overall experience with Acuity Scheduling is a great one! It helps us to qualify potential sales leads, gets potential clients to go ahead and take action, and saves us significant time by avoiding the tedious back and forth of trying to schedule calls and meetings!


I love how many uses there are for Acuity Scheduling! We use it to qualify and schedule sales calls with potential clients as well as to schedule phone and Zoom calls with ongoing clients. It has been an invaluable resource and greatly increased our number of qualified leads!


There's not much to dislike about Acuity Scheduling. It can be a bit tedious to set up initially with a small learning curve, but once you are set up, the benefits and cost are more than worth it!

Övervägda alternativ: Calendly

Anledningar att byta till Acuity Scheduling: I chose Acuity Scheduling over other software for its great cost and ease of use. I also loved how customizable Acuity was compared to other software.